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Instructional Design

eLearning provides instructional design services to assist faculty in redesigning existing courses or developing new courses for online, hybrid (partially online, partially face-to-face) and web-assisted (supplement to a traditional course) modes of instruction.

Faculty are teamed with an experienced instructional designer to guide the project, ensuring that the new or redesigned course or module meets the faculty's stated learning objectives. This increases the potential for reuse in future sections of the same course and opportunities to repurpose course content.

The instructional designers assist faculty to address their pedagogical challenges by employing sound teaching, learning, and design practices; incorporating current and appropriate multimedia; and partnering with other campus resources to enhance the project. Consideration of accessibility for all learners, including students with disabilities, is emphasized in every project.

eLearning designers also offer their expertise in online course development with best practice examples on how to integrate online pedagogy and eLearning technologies for student success and effectively facilitate the online interactions.

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