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Write Syllabus

For many instructors, the course plans really come together as the syllabus is formulated. Your syllabus informs your students what is expected and required of them in the course. Generally, a syllabus will include course policies, rules and regulations, required texts and materials, and a schedule of assignments.

See this presentation about Cal Poly Pomona policies for the syllabus which includes some ideas about writing an effective syllabus

Some Cal Poly Pomona departments or colleges may have a syllabus template that instructors should follow. Check with your department or college.

The "Quality Matters" Syllabus

Here's a template for a course syllabus that meets "Quality Matters" standards as well as Cal Poly Pomona policies.

This syllabus contains:

  • Instructor Information: Instructor's university email address communication policies.
  • Course Information: including the course description, pre-requisites, and learning goals.
  • Course Materials: such as required textbooks and optional materials.
  • Technical Requirements: such as prior knowledge or familiarity with hardware and software.
  • Minimum Technical Skills: including basic computer skills.
  • Course Policies: regarding late submission, no-show, netiquette, academic integrity, etc.
  • Grading Policies: regarding grade distribution and due dates.
  • Course Schedule: including a list of topics, learning activities, and assessment with the due dates.