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Finding Help


The CAFE team is dedicated to Cal Poly Pomona's vision of providing outstanding polytechnic education through hands-on learning. It is our goal to offer our Cal Poly Pomona community, the support needed to effectually utilize technology tools to enhance teaching, learning, and scholarly pursuits.

We offer faculty the pedagogical and technical support needed to best infuse technology into their online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses. We also provide consultation and support to staff and administrators in utilizing educational technologies to meet their departmental and administrative needs.

Studio 6

Studio 6, a service of CAFE, provides assistance to faculty and staff in support of CAFE-supported technologies.

As a high-tech hub, Studio 6 was established to provide resources and services to assist faculty as they redesign existing courses or develop new courses for online, hybrid (partially online, partially face-to-face) and web-assisted (supplement to a traditional course) modes of instruction.

Studio 6 is staffed with knowledgeable Instructional Technology Assistants (ITAs). Additionally, CAFE's instructional designers and multimedia developers are available to provide assistance.


MediaVision offers a variety of audio and video services to Cal Poly Pomona faculty, including production of lecture videos, streaming live lectures in their classroom studio (Studio D), capturing audio in their recording booths, and more.

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the instructor privately or to visit the Disability Resource Center to coordinate course accommodations.

The DRC will notify instructors of registered students with disabilities enrolled in their upcoming classes during the weeks leading up to each semester.

LinkedIn Learning

In a collaborative effort with ENV/Academic Affairs, IT@CPP has obtained a campus-wide license for LinkedIn Learning, a library of online video and training tutorials taught by industry experts, such as Adobe products, Apple products, Microsoft products, Drupal, video editing, audio editing, operating systems, etc. This license gives access to all campus faculty, staff (including ASI staff) and students.

CPP eHelp

Cal Poly Pomona's eHelp website is a hub for training and resources for all campus-supported technologies.