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It is important to understand and manage rights appropriately if you use or create copyrighted materials. Without rights management, scholars risk legal liability and the inability to use copyrighted materials -- possibly including their own scholarly materials.

Resources & Examples

Introduction to Copyright (CPP)

Best Practices

Textbooks, Articles, & Publications

Instead of making a PDF or Word document copy of an online article, or uploading scanned sections of your textbook to Blackboard, consider linking to existing content. Many publishers make Blackboard-compatible cartridges to easily load their materials into your course.


Using Google is an easy way to quickly find images. However, reusing an image may be considered copyright violation without the expressed consent from its original owner. Try finding images on royalty-free websites. Blackboard's Flickr Mashup tool allows instructors to easily find and embed images available through Creative Commons licenses.


Use Blackboard's YouTube Mashup tool to easily find and share videos with your students.