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Course Design Academy

Welcome to the Course Design Academy (CDA) at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). The CDA offers basic information for faculty to get started in creating an outstanding online, hybrid, or technology-enhanced face-to-face course.

Quick Start Guide

In a hurry? The Quick Start Guide provides the bare essentials required to convert your course to an online format.



Design the overall structure of your course and begin creating its foundation. Discover your teaching identity and create learning objectives that you can use to inform your choices about learning activities and assessing students’ progress.

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Build course content using various tools and technologies offered at CPP. Create course content in many different formats and seamlessly incorporate that content into CPP's learning management system, Blackboard.

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Engage your learners with various communication and assessment tools. Introduce learners to the course and create a sense of community as a foundation for a successful learning experience.

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Systematically discover how well students meet your learning objectives, and identify key changes to your course that can help students to learn more effectively.

flying clockQuick Start Guide

Write/Rewrite Course Learning Objectives
Begin by describing, in detail, what learners will accomplish during the course.

Write a weekly course plan
Elaborate on learning objectives by designing activities that help learners accomplish those objectives and create graded work that reflects their achievements. Use CAFE's QM Syllabus Template to communicate your courseplan to students.

Organize and Deliver Your Content via Blackboard
Get familiar with Blackboard, Cal Poly Pomona’s learning management system, a platform to deliver your course materials and activities to students.

Create Content
Use elearning technologies to create engaging content to help students meet learning objectives.

Communicate in an Online Environment
Use key technologies within your course to engage learners in discussion and communication by creating an effective communication environment.

Assess Your Course
Systematically decide if your course needs changes to be more effective for your students.

Ensure Accessibility
Ensure that all learners have equal access to your instructional materials by following accessibility best practices.

Finding Help
Find in-person and online support for elearning technologies and pedagogical challenges.