Wall of COOL (Celebrating Outstanding Opportunities for Learning) is a resource celebrating exemplar course design and development by Cal Poly Pomona faculty for student success using technology.

The Wall of COOL is an eLearning award which recognizes excellent courses that effectively use technology to enhance student learning and success. Courses of any format – online, hybrid, or technology-enhanced face-to-face – are eligible. Any faculty member or faculty team from any college, department, or unit is eligible to submit a course for the Wall of COOL.

The Wall of COOL itself is a super-cool website which showcases the courses selected every year. eLearning’s multimedia developers, instructional designers, and student assistants work with the selected faculty to create the Wall of COOL annually.

A Legacy of W.K. Kellogg
Stephanie Marin Rothman

Stephanie Marin

BIO 3010 Human Sexuality

Stephanie Marin Rothman

BIO 3010 Human Sexuality

Professor Rothman’s BIO 3010 Human Sexuality course is fully online, but challenges students to go out into the real-world. Students are given multiple options for assignments so they can more easily navigate material of a sensitive nature. For lectures, PowerPoint slides and audio narration are combined using the screen-recording software Camtasia. These videos are then placed onto the instructor’s YouTube channel, complete with closed captions.
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Offering Choices Encourages Engagement in Online Courses

Stephanie Marin Rothman

Thursday, October 29, 11:00-11:50am
Online via Zoom

Former Speakers

Flipped Learning and the Case Study Method

Dr. Juanita Jellyman, Biological Sciences Department
May 2019

Learn by Design: Using the Design Thinking Process to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Dr. Kristen Schiele, International Business & Marketing Department
October 2018

Clasroom Digital Student Projects: A How-To Guide When You Have No Time and No Budget

Dr. Eileen V. Wallis, Chair, History Department
October 2018

Using the QM Template forActive Learning in a Hybrid Course

Dr. Joanne Van Boxtel, Education Department
April 2018

Technology-Infused Teaching for Better Engagement and Student Success

Dr. Laurie Starkey, Organic Chemistry
March 2018

Using Technology to Enhance and Connect: Flipped and Online Resource Development and Assessment

Dr. Faye Wachs, Sociology
October 2017

Building High Impact Practices with Innovative Partners

Dr. Melissa Flicker, Dr. Anthony Acock, Dr. Sarah Meyer, Art Department
May 2017

"Got a Tablet?" Use it to Teach Effectively and Save Time: Part I

Dr. Shokoufeh Mirzaei, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department
February 2017

"Got a Tablet?" Use it to Teach Effectively and Save Time: Part II

Dr. Kenneth Lamb, Civil Engineering Department
February 2017