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Wall of COOL Self Nomination Form

Nominations for the 2018 Wall of COOL are due Oct. 25, 2017.

What is the Wall of COOL?

The Wall of COOL is an eLearning award which recognizes excellent courses that effectively use technology to enhance student learning and success. Courses of any format – online, hybrid, or technology-enhanced face-to-face – are eligible. Any faculty member or faculty team from any college, department, or unit is eligible to submit a course for the Wall of COOL.

The Wall of COOL itself is a super-cool website which showcases the courses selected every year. eLearning’s multimedia developers, instructional designers, and student assistants work with the selected faculty to create the Wall of COOL annually.

Why should I nominate my course for the Wall of COOL?

Hey, it’s COOL! Most importantly, if you are proud of how you support your students’ success via technology and you want to share what you’ve done so other people can learn from your work, the Wall of COOL is a big way to do that.

Also, the Wall of COOL is a university-level, competitive award. Bragging rights are attached! In speaking with previous Wall of COOL awardees, we’ve found that faculty value this award because it validates the great work they do with and for students.

How are Wall of COOL courses selected?

You nominate your course using the attached form. The eLearning team takes a first pass at all nominations, looking closely at course materials that you submit or tell us that we can access. Then, previous Wall of COOL awardees and eLearning students – the students are important, because they can reflect on how the course looks from their point of view – have long, lively, and often painful conversations to decide on the final Wall of COOL courses. The criteria for selection are on the next page.

What’s involved if I get selected?

Parades! Parties! Champagne! Large sums of…. Well, no. Sorry. The Wall of COOL is all about publicity for your course. We’ll interview you. We will ask you to give a short presentation (5-8 minutes) at the upcoming joint PolyTeach & CSU Symposium on University Teaching conference, April 13 & 14, 2018. We’ll ask you to be part of the Wall of COOL Speaker Series in the following school year. We’ll take lots of pictures of you to create the Wall of COOL website, and we’ll select, along with you, the best “artifacts” from your course to showcase on the website. We’ll arrange for articles in PolyCentric and the PolyPost, and make sure that your college is aware of your achievements in teaching with technology.

Winners will be notified the week of Dec. 18, 2017.

What are the criteria for Wall of COOL courses?

  1. Solid course design apart from technology. Your learning outcomes need to be clear. Graded activities and learning activities need to be aligned with the learning outcomes. The course needs to be well-organized and generally support students to succeed.
  2. Good faith effort to make your course accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. Although your course materials don’t have to be 100% accessible – that’s almost impossible – you do need to have made a demonstrable effort in this area. See for more information about accessibility, and don’t hesitate to call eLearning for questions.
  3. Innovative AND/OR practical use of technology for supporting learning. Some people are on the bleeding WOW edge of teaching technology – others take a workaday, pragmatic approach that others can readily adopt. We’re interested in either, or both!
  4. Bonus factors: What are you proud of about your course? Are your students constantly engaged and never checked out? Does your course exemplify learn-by-doing? Is it a service-learning course? Are you working as a team with other faculty to spread great practices? Is your course a down-to-earth GE that serves a lot of students? Is your course a small grad-level class that speaks directly to their professional aspirations? Is your course super-tough, but you’ve made it possible for students to succeed without lowering your standards? …anything goes here!

Nominations for the 2018 Wall of COOL are due Oct. 25, 2017.

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