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About eLearning

Mission and Core Values

We are a resource for faculty to find and use the best technologies in pedagogically excellent ways to support student learning. 

We are dedicated to helping people learn and we believe that good technologies appropriately deployed are effective in helping people learn. More specifically, we are committed to the following values:

We support the core values of the university. We value the use of technology for supporting the mission and values of the university, particularly focusing on learning by doing, the teacher-scholar model of faculty work, and environmental sustainability. 

Pedagogy drives technology. Technology is to be used to support cognitive, affective, and (when appropriate) psychomotor functions that lead to learning.  We recommend technology based on learning-centeredness, not on the “cool factor.”

The usage of technology for teaching and learning should increase accessibility for all learners. We value universal design for learning solutions and strive to incorporate legal accessibility solutions throughout a project.

We value research-based recommendations. We base our recommendations on the most current knowledge about pedagogical strategies and available technologies. 

We value professionalism. We strive to provide a professional environment, with clear communication and respectful treatment of faculty clients.  We take pride in the quality of our work.  We value the quality of experience – both that we have experience and that we provide a quality experience for our clients.

We value our relationships with faculty and the collaborative instructional design process. We value taking time to explore goals and needs thoroughly, not jumping to premature solutions.  We value taking time to evaluate and redesign solutions when necessary.

We value the instructional design culture. This culture is one of a learning community, in which ideas and best practices are unselfishly shared for the good of our mission.

Advisory Committee

The eLearning Advisory Committee is appointed by the Academic Senate, with a goal of including 2 representatives from each College.  Our 2013-2014 advisory committee members are:

  • Sandy Dixon (EWS)
  • Sara Garver (Geography)
  • Mikhail Gershfeld (Civil Egr)
  • Don St. Hilaire (Collins)
  • Juintow Lin (Architecture)
  • Shahnaz Lotfipour (Education)
  • Paul Nissenson (Mech Egr)
  • Hayri Ozkaya (IBM)
  • Jayson Smith (Biology)
  • Laurie Starkey (Chemistry)
  • Christy Stevens (Library)
  • Eileen Wallis (History)
  • Wei Yu (FRL)

The eLearning Advisory Committee works closely with the Faculty Development Advisory Committee, which serves the Faculty Center for Professional Development.